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Laptops in the classroom are a bad idea


ConSource - Primary & Secondary Sources on the Constitution & Its Creation

GiA Study Guides

A Collection of Useful Links to Resources on Symbaloo


Interesting sites for political analysis:
Non-Partisan Fact Checking - PolitiFact
Pew Research - Public opinion polls on a variety of topics


FiveThirtyEight*         Crystal Ball  and a new one:
Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections

*Unfortunately, Nate Silver has left the NY Times to begin his own blog at, but his old entries are still archived on the NYT site

Obama's Latest Signing Statement 

Presidential Rankings
Campaign Finance Resource Links 
Compare the Candidates' Funding
Track Funding Over Time 
Are PACs Independent?
How to Donate a Million
How Some Money is Being Spent 

Articles supporting Citizens United: Articles opposing Citizens United: Additional Web Resources and Opinions








Another OnlineTextbook

Federal Election Commission

Small States Have An Advantage In Delegates

Keep Track of the Republican Delegate Count

Ten Things You Should Know About Money In Politics

Google Politics & Elections Page

2008 Election Results By County

The Geography of Government Benefits

Growth of entitlements, impact on family income, and opinion polls

Who's financing the SuperPACs and other paths that contributions take

Here are links to videos about SuperPACs - Colbert   Koppel

The Presidents Day update on SuperPAC Donors (look who gave $14 million to defeat Obama)

Who's winning the money race
AND Where they're spending the money on ads
                                                                    (see the ads, too) 


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