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Period 3 Page

Assignments that require MUST be submitted or they will receive NO credit.  Late submissions may not be accepted.


Important Dates for 4th quarter

Current Events

A Current Event must be a NEWS ARTICLE, not an editorial, analysis, review, obituary or commentary.  The article MUST be related in some way to something we have studied in class. Stories about the stock market or professional sports will not be accepted! They must be from an established, reputable daily or weekly news journal for the general public dated within 7 days of the due date. Stories from blogs or minor internet sources are not acceptable. The  article  must be the equivalent of at least one magazine page long and the URL included. 

You should make a copy of this Google Doc to use as a template.

Current Events are due: 5/2, 5/16, 5/31


Daily Assignments  - Dates given are the day work is assigned; unless stated otherwise, assignment is due the next school day.  Remember to check the Important Dates. 





Files should be in your Assignment Folder, not shared (sharing files with will not work). In case all else fails you may email it as an attachment to

You must select your 4th Quarter Outside Reading and complete the Signup Form by Friday, 4/28. The description of the assignment is available here
Outside reading report due 5/26 - have you submittred yours to Turnitin?
Third Current Event is due Wednesday, 5/31

  5/26 - Complete "War Clouds" and "New Ideas" in your folder
  5/22 - An extra credit assignment has been placed in your assignment folder that must
                be completed
 before school (7:30 am) Tuesday to receive any credit
 5/18 - We lose Monday's class to MAP, so our test will be Wednesday - and will include
              tonight's assignments
 - today's powerpoint is in the Class View folder
          An extra credit assignment will be posted Saturday that must be completed before
               school Monday for credit

            Complete "Overhaul" in your folder.
            Complete "FDR Packs the Court" in your folder
            Read Topic 6, Lesson 5 and complete "Effects of the New Deal"
 5/16 - Read Topic 6, Lesson 3, starting at "Americans Turn to Roosevelt," and
           continue reading until the end of Topic 6, Lesson 4. Complete "New Deal" in
           your folder
          Here is a table of programs created in the 100 days

5/12 - Read Topic 6 Lesson 2 and complete "Americans Suffer"
           Complete "Coping, pt 2" in your folder
5/10 - Print out the Reading Notes Handout and complete it while reading The Impact
          of the Great Depression. Bring the handout to class to hand in.
5/8 - Read Topic 5 Lesson 5 and complete "Government in the 1920s"
  5/2 - 1920's Virtual Museum
4/28 - Complete "Economy" in your folder
         - Complete "Women" in your folder

4/26 - Complete "Generations Clash" in your folder
          Complete "Prohibition" in your folder

4/24 - Complete "Nativism" in your folder
          Complete "Jazz Age" in your folder
4/20 - Complete the questions from the handout - they're also in the folder
4/18 - Just the one question in your folder; start thinking of your 4th quarter book
3/28 - Finish the project

3/23 - Finish the map; in the Class View folder there's a folder "Europe After WW!" with the                 maps you need
        - Read Topic 5 Lesson 3 and complete "The End of World War 1"
3/21 - If you didn't complete the World War Source Skills handout, do it online (it's in your folder)
3/17 - Read Topic 5, Lesson 3 and complete "The End of World War 1"
3/15 - 
Read Topic 5, Lesson 2 and complete "The Home Front" (if you have trouble
           with the text, there's a scan in the Class View folder)
          Complete "Stop Eating Soldiers" 

3/13 - Complete the assignment "Neutrality"
3/9 - Read Topic 5, Lesson 1 and complete "America Enters the Great War"
3/7 - Complete "Nationalities" and "Wilson's Decision"
3/3 - Complete the "Road to War" (including "America 1914"); here is the corrected link
to the reading.
 3/1 - Finish the Imperialism Webquest in your folder; review the chapter
2/27 - Make sure you're caught up; you'll have to show what you know.
2/23 - Read Topic 4, Lesson 7 and complete "The US Emerges as a World Power"
2/21 - Complete "Lure of Empire"
          Read Topic 4, Lesson 6 and complete "Spanish-American War"
2/14 - Complete "Intervention in Cuba"
 2/9 - Complete "Geography & Empire"
          Complete Trade With Asia - you'll have to print it out and bring it to class
 2/7 - Examine "The Philosophy of Imperialism" and for each document,             note the factor given that encourages imperialism
       -  Complete "Hawaii"
 2/3 - Read Lesson 4, Topic 5 and complete "American Influence Grows"
1/30 - Iron Jawed Angels assignment must be submitted to Turnitin before class Wednesday
1/24 - Complete "Changing Roles of Women" handout in your folder
        - Read Topic 4 Lesson 2 and complete "Women Gain Rights"

A scan of the textbook pages that wouldn't open online is in the Class View folder
1/11 - Complete Controlling the Trusts, Part 2 in your folder
        - Read Lesson 4 Topic 4 and complete "Reformers in the White House"
 1/9 - Read Lesson 4, Topic 
3, and complete "Minorities & Progressivism" 
       - Complete "Controlling the Trusts"
 1/5 - If you didn't finish the Webquest, finish it
         Read Lesson 4, Topic 1 and complete "Progressives Drive Reform" 
 1/3 - Happy New Year - Remember to submit your Outside Reading Report by Thursday
12/14 - Complete the questions about "The Long Long Journey" - there is a link to the
             video on the question doc.
12/12 - Read Topic 2, Lesson 4, and complete "New Immigrants"
 12/8 - Complete Document Analysis sheets for all of the documents; create an outline
           for an essay that answers the question. Bring hard copies of everything to class
 12/6 - Complete the Document Analysis sheet on Document 6 of the packet -
          both are available in the Class View folder; 
check here at 5:30.
 12/2 - Answer the video questions, and complete "Carnegie & Rockefeller"
11/30 - Read the handout, and answer the "Clerk's Union" questions in your folder
11/28 - Read Topic 2 Lesson 3 and complete "Organized Labor"

11/21 - Complete "Spencer" in your folder; Read "Social Darwinism"
11/17 - Read the Industrial Age packet and complete the study guide in your
            assignment folder
11/15 - Read Topic 2, Lesson 2 and complete "Big Business Rises"
10/31 - 
Read Topic 2, Lesson 1 and complete the document "Growth" in your folder
10/19 - Your initial Thesis Question and first sources were due today - there's a form in
              your folder to complete
10/17 - Answer the questions about the Cross of Gold speech: finish reading Topic 3,
              Lesson 4 and complete "Farm Issues 2"
Remember - your topic is due Thursday; to submit it, complete this form

10/13 - Complete Problems of the Farmers in your folder
10/10 - Read Topic 3, Lesson 4 up to "Populism's Declining Influence" and complete
            "Farm Issues" in your folder - there's a word missing from question 2. It should 
           begin "
Paraphrase the quotation from. . ."
9/29 - Use each of the 3 generalization statements from today's class as a  topic sentence
           for a paragraph that contains some supporting details.
9/27 - Catch up! Bring your folders up to date; complete outstanding tasks
9/23 - Nothing new for the weekend. Use the time to catch up and get prepared to
               demonstrate your understanding
9/21 - Complete Exodusters (in your folder). There are links to the reading and poster on
            the assignment page.
9/19 -Read Calamity Jane, and type your answers 
to the questions on the reading handout 
into a new Google Doc in your Assignments Folder titled "Calamity Jane"
9/15 - Read Topic 3, Section 2, stop when you reach "Minorities Encounter Difficulties" and 
           complete "The West Transformed" in your folder
9/13 - Answer the "Indian Wars" questions (the reading is in the Class View folder)
        - Finish reading Topic 3, Lesson 1 in the text; the questions are in your folder.

 9/9 - The map questions are in your Assignment Folder, and a reference map is in 
           the Class View folder
       -  Read the first part of Topic 3, Lesson 1 in the text ("Indians Under Pressure") 
            answer the questions (look in your assignment folder)
 9/7 - Although I told you in class, I forgot to post it here. Answer the question on 

          the document in your assignment folder.
 9/5 - Complete the Suspension Report and Evaluating Sources - to be handed in Tuesday
 9/2 - Complete the Gmail form! (not your student account)
         Complete the Survey
8/31 - Parental Email
Homework Contract

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